Graeme's Scottish heritage inspires him to discover songs about his native land. With songs and poems by modern folk artists as well as old traditional songs dating back over 200 years which have evolved over time.

There are many well known songs like Loch Lomond, Wild Mountain Thyme and 500 Miles but also a wonderful selection of songs you may never have heard  such as the old fishing ballad The Final Trawl or Burns Poems transformed into song.

With Amie's harmonies and double bass these songs can make a room of hundreds feel like they have been transported across the world to sit in an intimate pub in the Scottish countryside with smiles all around and the crackle of a roaring wood fire.


Amie has long had an affinity with all things French and loves to sing French songs. Throughout her time living in France and years of research, she has unearthed a delightful collection of songs.

From the classic chanson of Edith Piaf and jaunty music hall songs of the early 20th century to the Celtic music of Britanny, French gypsy jazz, and old folk songs, Amie takes audiences on a tour de France in songs and stories.

Amie is also a specialist in French culture, wine and food, and she loves to share the stories behind the songs she chooses with her audiences.

Pub Folk 

Nothing makes musicians feel better than having a room full of people singing or clapping along.

Graeme and Amie have a huge range of songs that, try as they might, people can't help but join in with.

Be it clapping along to the well-known song The Wild Rover, stamping your feet between lines of The Scotsman or singing along with the chorus of Ye Canny Shove Yir Grannie Off The Bus!

We want people to come away with an experience they will never forget and based on the repeat offenders at our gigs, it seems to be working a treat so far.


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