CEILIDH [keɪ.li]


Firstly...how do I pronounce ceilidh? It is pronounced Kay-lee 

What is a ceilidh? It is an informal dance allowing people to get together and have a bit of fun. Dances have anywhere from 2 to 8 people and consist of fixed steps repeated until you get it right or fall apart from laughter.

I can't dance, is it still for me? In the 20 years I've been doing ceilidhs I have only ever met two people who couldn't join in with the dances. 

We design our ceilidhs so that everyone from dance group members to absolute beginners can not only join in but really enjoy the experience.

How do I learn? You learn on the night... Graeme and Amie will take everyone through the dance before the music starts and will be on the floor to help keep everyone on track

Where can you hold a ceilidh? We've done a ceilidh in a marquee with 1000 people to a pub with 100 to a backyard with 30. As long as there is a relatively flat surface with not too many obstacles, we can make it work.

What event would it suit? Birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate events - really any celebration or excuse for a good laugh.

Most people don't want to dance for four hours straight which is why a ceilidh pairs perfectly with live music to create an unforgettable evening.

I NEED A CEILIDH...HOW DO I GET ONE? Head over to the contact us Booking Enquiry  form and we will give you a call to make it happen

Thinking about having a ceilidh? 

Drop us a message via the GENERAL ENQUIRY and we can give you a call to talk it all through